• The Smart Republic Network Initiative is to be led by the Smart Republic (SR) Advisory Council.
  • Its mission will be to campaign for global philanthropic and climate related causes through the promotion of a Rainbow Coalition to work with progressive foundations, NGOs and science networks on a Global Pact to take action to save the Planet
    .- One Smart Planet Initiative
    .- Planet Aid
    .- The Children’s Republic
    .- Promote global events and music and sports festivals to campaign for the planet safety

    Engage in partnerships with NGOs and other philanthropic foundations and institutions

  • Promote an ethical use of Internet and its governance and protocols; transparency and data protection (Internet Governance Forum)
  • Focus on key issues:
    .- Lands and people in danger
    .- Youth, Olympic Games and sports
    .- Women empowerment
    .- Indigenous people and Guardians of the Planet