E-Health & Wellness

  • Organizer of Health and Wellness and Options and Relief to Victims of Disaster and Pandemics
  • Communities: Health and Medical Communities and Wellness Centers Social Impact
  • Emergencies services
  • Health voluntary networks
  • Social Health Insurance
  • Children care schemes
  • Wellness and families preventive health
  • Meditation centers and initiatives

This platform is designed to act as a community enabler to access to all available voluntary medical initiatives and multilateral missions, especially in countries where deep health emergency crisis are taking place such as: droughts, floods, famines, epidemic and pandemics; or civil unrest and wars. It helps to register communities in need and to link them with formal medical assistance schemes, such as Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Also to create local voluntary medical schemes, to assist in a charitable way people in need.

It is also meant to be complemented in less stressed areas by new social health insurance schemes, family wellness and children care, and by also proactively promoting women rights and gender issues at grass root level .