Eco-Communities & E-Governance

  • Local Communities, E-Governance and Local Aid Organizer
  • Communities: Local Communities, Neighborhoods & Local Business Action
  • Energy efficiency
  • Home security & Intelligent home
  • Smart neighborhood
  • My local market
  • Clean cook stove initiative
  • Clean water initiative
  • Save the forest initiative
  • Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture

This application is meant to become an enabler to make more energy efficient and cleaner households, especially in emerging countries, by promoting renewable energy access schemes; cooperative off-grid systems; redesigning conventional cook stoves to make them cleaner and less greenhouse gases emitters; to connect them with clean water devises; to help them to access internet and interconnect; to benefit from knowledge sharing platforms in their own language and cultural codes; and to participate actively in reforesting initiatives and environmental protection initiatives for inner poor cities and villages. We can create emerging smart eco-villages worldwide!