Smart Banks & Impact Investors

  • Promotes Joint Action Among Social Impact Investors around Key Projects
  • Communities: Impact Investors, Angels, VCs, Corporate Instruments, Development Banks
  • Local bank partner
  • Banking and Lending assistance
  • Communities of Lending & Guarantee schemes
  • Banking on persons
  • Banking on new enterprises
  • Social Insurance
  • Job loss insurance

This application is meant to become a virtual Social Community Bank enabler, designed to work in partnership with a fully licensee local commercial bank and agencies. It enables social banking tools, such as building communities of lenders and guarantors, supporting fundraising campaigns (crowd donations and crowd investment schemes), insurance schemes, both for individual citizens or small companies.

Also, to promote, Impact Investments Networks, and cooperatives and SME’s export schemes. It also enables a social banking knowledge platform to share experiences and to develop a local culture for banking and entrepreneurship, bringing banking close to people and reducing the High-Tech gap.