Sports Impact

  • Social Impact Manager for Sport Leaders
  • Communities: Sport Leaders, Sport Federations, Olympic and Paralympic Games, App: E-Camelot Social Game

This section proposes a new approach to Impact Sports. We live in pressing times, under urgency, which requires new ways of leadership and showing commitment with people and communities that are impacted by pandemics, crisis and social ailing. Now the Coronavirus crisis has spread even more, leading to rescheduling of massive direct events. So, we need to think in a new way to address the social impact of those massive events.
And for that purpose, we need new technological enablers. We would like to explore with sport leaders and representatives’ ways of cooperation and partnership in the online Impact Sport scene.

  • SmartRepublic is a leading-edge registered tech business at major Hubs and innovation centers in the UK, Europe and with American partners.
  • At SmartRepublic we develop Tech for Good Apps solutions and integrate them in larger communities of peers and under social impact. As a example we have co-developed with the leading American tech institute DXtera, an App called SmartCampus, which is a social projects organizer for businesses and people.
  • We particularly want to exchange with sport leaders and agencies, which would be the best way to develop a Sport Impact Tech App designed for sport leaders wanting to create a sports social impact community and in a transparent way, help young promising talents and community projects.
  • The Sport Impact tech enabler will be a special design and social branding for high performance sports, but also would be linked and connected to the Smart Campus larger community, which will gather universities, students, business leaders and agencies.