The Green App: Story

  • The Green App: Story

When two years ago we began with the SmartRepublic project, we had a dream and realized that we needed to look at the world and global warming challenges in a completely different way. The problem couldn’t be addressed with a conventional linear approach. It needed a radical new view and operational tools. To save the planet we needed a global network of people and tools. We needed to build a supporting network of sustainable applications, that put together would act as a new virtual planetary system, supported by a new social Artificial Intelligence and other high-tech tools.

So, we needed to design a new operational system now with the potential to scale up to planetary level. And the way to do it was to create a link between micro and macro issues, through new Community Information Systems (CIS). For us the world was a potential network of campuses systems calling to be integrated and put to work together. All the power sharing was about knowledge information systems, but still working in silos. What we needed to do was to connect them horizontally. How? This is our proposal, which we call The Tree Model, based on a semantic and synaptic revolutionary approach.

  • SmartRepublic project is designed to become a Sustainable Network and Tech for Good interactive Apps for the SDG projects and businesses Social Impact.
  • SmartRepublic vocation is to organize communities and stakeholders through special smart applications so they all work together for the good.
  • SmartRepublic Global Platform creates a link between modern communities, people, universities, sports world, businesses, banks and agencies, and acts as a Tech enabler for their contribution to have a positive impact in the world.
  • SmartRepublic Tech for Good Apps are the necessary technology levers for the empowerment and engagement of tomorrow’s leaders in their quest for a new world, where integrity, caring, transparency, responsibility, sharing and giving really matter!
  • We are all connected! And we all need to channel our special engagement between our professional community and the impact communities that need our support.
  • Threats such as Climate Change, pandemics such as Covid-19, famines and poverty are here to teach us that mankind can stand up as One, that everyone can begin a new story, where our personal growth and collective efforts can defeat disasters, social ailing and global threats, and turn them into global opportunities.
  • We don’t choose pandemics or disasters. But we can choose how to fight them.
  • And add social meaning to defining the cutting edge of the word success. Where our success is not somebody else’s defeat, but a shared winning.
  • To help you to re-write the meaning of success is our mission. To walk with you, our challenge. To help you to structure your Community for the common Good, our vocation.
  • Every community is potentially a Round Table, where our deeds for good can enlighten women, men and youth as leaders of a new social Camelot, where the impossible becomes possible!